Give Today...because everyone deserves the essentials. image

Give Today...because everyone deserves the essentials.

Your donation provides diapers, baby supplies and period products for underserved families across New Jersey.

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Our heartfelt thanks for joining Moms Helping Moms in providing underserved families in New Jersey with essentials like diapers, baby supplies and period products that provide children with a safe and healthy start.

YOU are making a direct, immediate impact in the lives of NJ families in greatest need.

Raising strong, healthy children rarely comes without challenges. In addition to that, can you imagine...

  • Choosing between buying diapers or food? Worrying about missing work because you do not have an adequate supply of diapers to send your child to daycare? 1 in 2 families in the U.S. struggle to afford diapers.

  • Skipping school or not being able to concentrate in the classroom because you lack appropriate period products? Period poverty affects 2 in 5 individuals who menstruate.

  • Qualifying for federal assistance programs like WIC or SNAP, but not being able to purchase diapers or period products because they are not considered an eligible item? This leads to longer usage of unhealthy substitutes, which puts children and menstruators at risk of developing infections.

Thank you for your support, thoughtful consideration and desire to create a healthy future for your neighbors in need.

💕With gratitude,

Bridget Cutler and Megan Deaton
Founders and Co-Executive Directors