Make a gift today to help babies and children in New Jersey have a safe, happy, and healthy start! image

Make a gift today to help babies and children in New Jersey have a safe, happy, and healthy start!

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Your Donation Supports the Well-Being of Children and Families


Seventeen percent of children in New Jersey live in poverty. At Moms Helping Moms Foundation, we want every child to have a fair start, and we know you care deeply about this too. The families who come to us worry about the high cost of diapers, and how they will afford the shoes, clothes, toiletries and other basics their children need. Your donation eases their worry, and makes sure they have access to these critical items here at MHMF. Your support enables us to collect and distribute hundreds of thousands of items, especially diapers - the item requested most by our families. Thank you for supporting MHMF, impacting the lives of so many, and helping us fight childhood poverty.


"Sometimes being a young mom is very hard. We have lots of things on our plate and dealing with everything can be stressful. Working, studying, and taking care of my son is a lot. Buying everything that he needs is a struggle. I thank God for the help of the daycare center and Moms Helping Moms. Moms Helping Moms helped me so much and has made my life so much easier. I have also been able to help other young moms by sharing my donations and passing down the things my son has outgrown. All of the clothing, baby wipes and diapers as helped me so much. It takes away a little bit of worry."

"Moms Helping Moms has been a blessing to our teen parents and their families. They receive much needed items particularly the diapers and baby wipes and baby items they cannot afford."

"I really appreciate the help that I have received from you because you helped me through a really tough time where I didn't know where I was going to get my son what he needed."


Thank you for supporting Moms Helping Moms Foundation! To learn more about giving opportunities, please contact Cacky Higgins at