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COVID-19 Emergency Diaper Fund

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COVID-19 is having a huge impact on everyone. For those we serve, the consequences are already devastating. On a regular day 1 in 3 families struggle to purchase diapers for their children. The calls for assistance have grown exponentially in this past month. We continue to serve our existing partner agencies but have also responded to new agencies in emergent situations.

I write to you today a request that I had hoped I would never have to ask for - an emergency diaper fund. We rely heavily on in-kind donations of diapers which unfortunately have all but ceased at this moment. We are not able to hold community-based diaper drives and our community donation drop boxes have shuttered along with the generous businesses that host them. We are now forced to purchase diapers. And due to increase demand our purchases will increase way beyond what is normally budgeted for.

Thankfully, through our partnerships with the National Diaper Bank and Baby2Baby, we are able to purchase diapers at a significantly reduced price. But a price we still must pay.

Every dollar in response to this call for help will be put directly towards the purchase of diapers to ensure that babies in New Jersey have a health and safe start to life.